Northwest Kenyan Community Association

An organization that strives at uniting Kenyans from all backgrounds


Our Mission is to promote the social economic and cultural development of our Community. To foster the spirit of unity, cooperation and solidarity among Kenyan people.

To promote community development and cultural heritage.

To mentor the youth.

To support member families with pertinent issues with available organizational resources.


• Membership is open to both individual and nongovernmental organizations.

• Membership for Non-governmental organizations also includes membership for churches. Both parties are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $120.

Benefits of Becoming a Member:
• Churches and non-governmental organizations get a discounted fee for advertising to members only.
• The organization caters for any travelling and transportation expenses, burial expenses and other miscellaneous for members.
• Free admission to major events for members.
• Scholarship opportunities for members.
• Provision of referrals to legal entities.

The people are generally friendly and welcoming. It is easy to meet and get to know Kenyans and most seem to speak English which makes it easy for Americans.

Frederick Wilson, CA

We certainly have had more news coverage of Kenya since Barack Obama became President but the people are really friendly and easy to strike a conversation with. They are pretty informed despite them being in a country away from their home.

Sarah, WA

I love their English! They speak so well and fluently!

Erin, Federal Way, WA

The Kenyans themselves will have this welcoming effect on you; they are a very gentle, kind and helpful race of people.

David, Seattle, WA

The people are really warm and helpful and that definitely made my experience worth remembering.

Karan Mandhyan

Smart, innovative and go-getter people.

George, University of Washington

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